Board of Directors 2021


Heather Maggi President 2013

Elise Bingaman Vice President 2019
Jeannette Rothman Secretary, Membership Chair 2013
Benton Lotkowski Treasurer 2012
Adam Miller Past-President 2013
Jim McCrory Scholarship Chair 1973
Danielle Ivancich Board Member, Social Media Chair    
Dana Riordan Board Member    
Mark Charran Board Member    
Meghan Walsh Board Member, THON Chair    
Nick Sugars Board Member    
Alex Barr Board Member    

...and we always need volunteers!

  • planning scholarship fundraisers
  • representing the University during student recruiting events at high schools in the LA area
  • planning networking/social events for our members

As always, if you'd like to serve as a Chairperson or Board Member, or you have an idea or a skill you'd like to share, please contact a member of the Board.  This is YOUR Alumni Chapter and YOU help make it everything it is!  WE ARE!